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Are Ramen Noodles Good Prepper Food?

October 14, 2015 no comments FAQ

Q: Are Ramen Noodles Good Prepper Food? A: While ramen noodles may not be the healthiest decision, they do provide some nutritional value. Ramen noodles have several other benefits, including: Ramen is easy to make (only requires boiling water) Ramen is easy to store Ramen typically has a long shelf life Ramen Noodles are very inexpensive Because of […]

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Food Prepping on a Budget

January 31, 2015 no comments Lists

Contrary to popular belief, preparing your pantry doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of foods with a long shelf life that can be purchased at minimal cost. Here is a list of foods to get you started: Ramen Noodles Canned Soup Beans Nuts Potatoes Powdered Milk Cereals such as Cheerios and Corn […]

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